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Banana Fiber/Silk Yarn

Banana Silk yarn is made from the fiber of the banana tree. The fiber is refined, processed and wound onto skeins in Nepal by our women workers. This beautiful yarn comes from a renewable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly source. It is very soft and comes in brilliant jewel like hues.

Only the decaying outer layers of the trees (aged bark) are harvested and soaked under water to quicken the natural processes. When all of the chlorophyll structures are dissolved, the cellulose fibers remain. These are extruded into pulp and made suitable for spinning into yarn.

We hand dye the banana fiber yarn with a variety of vibrant, brilliant saturated pigments to produce a fabulous range of soft, shiny handspun yarns in a wide range of beautiful colors. Knitting up like a bulky yarn, it's great for hats, shawls, scarves, and bags. It has a slightly fuzzy texture and a shines like lip gloss.

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Recycled Banana Red Yarn

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